Bytenetworks are scammers, and not real website developers.

lets sum up my story as a developer.

I was asked to create a new frontpage for the website, i said sure, but i wanted my copyright in the code or to be paid.

I did this in a week or so, created a stunning homepage, i diployed it to a local server (my website) for testing

I was then aware that crazy (crazy_corner) HT tracked my code and copied it... pasted it... remnoved my copyright and diployed it.

The website wasnt finished, and he made a annoucement saying it was ready without asking me for the code.

I asked multiple times for the code to be removed or paid for. As you can see it was denied multiple times.

My honest review:

Lets get started... before i start please note this is my personal review (though, you will prob have the same terrible experience) and this isnt meant to take anything down, this is just my personal overview. Was a developer here, both Cameron ******* and TREYTON ******* were nice at the start, and honestly i did get paid but for the most part everything was expected for free. I was asked to make a new website frontpage, i agreed and wilingly asked for either credit (e.g my name in the code and footer) or payment for it. A few days went by and i was able to get the site to a level that i felt like i should get people to test it. So thats what i did, i deployed it to my own hosting service, asked cam and trey to check over it. A day or so later i was informed that the code that i made not even available to any of the team was copied. I assume he used HT track? or prob just copied and pasted. The website had lots of mobile bugs and it wasnt ready at all. I asked for it to be removed several times they responded with "no" with trey saying "we obviously have to fucking do it". They tried bribing me with money (but said i would receive it in like 2 weeks??? like what lmaooo). While asking to take it down trey said "I swear to god shut the fuck up", furthermore cam said "you leaving would waste your time" and "you’re gonna leave, not get paid for anything" then "waste the past 2 weeks of work" also saying "there’s no problem when we aren’t operating yet". They also use chatgpt for code, i have 2 sections of proof of Cam admitting using AI to generate the billing page - also there code outlines a section clearly generated by chatgpt (or equivalent ). They stole my code so hard they even have " link rel="stylesheet" href="./style.css"> " but dont have a stylesheet lmaooooo - this is them copying and pasting my css annds pasting it into the main page Evidence is being provided behind : - you can also contact me there. orrr... - this forwards any inbound emails to my personal email - please contact me if you do have any questions ps: this could've easy been sorted... however blocking me and still not even giving me my money you "owe" me is another level of poor ngl.

"you leaving would waste your time" - crazy_corner

> >

As for there site, its using GPT and is a duplicate of what i made :skull:

My version is on the left, there one on the right


there "project section" the top right images are my websites.

my files POV :SKULL:

lol previous developer

one of my many times i said about my copyright

"thats hot as fuck"

proof i built the whole thinggg

lmaooo the first bit of developments

fully built cars by carson website FREE, yet he couldnt credit me.

"Silent Assassin" aka TREYTON ******* - ignoring my req to take site down.

making excuses....

Treyton ************ dms with me

How did you make that? "AI" right.....

Lets compare code... shal we?

here you can see, inside there code they still have the animations and css for my bubbles (which they dont even have???!)

imagine not even being good at stealing a website lmao

also my hero buttons are also there...

bro used chatGPT... how can you even say your web developers....